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Keith Loving and the Family (CD)

Keith Loving and the Family

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Keith Loving and the Family (CD)

Keith Loving was a member of the Gregory Hines Band for over 18 years, touring all over the world. This album was Keith's tribute to Gregory after Hines passed away on August 9th, 2003, bringing together many members of the Hines Band, and other guest musicians.

Andrew is featured on the track, Tap Time.


1. De-Twah (Detroit)
2. You've Got to Rise
3. Lonely Eyes
4. Dance With Me
5. Feel Like a Reggae (feat. Gregory Hines)
6. Slow Down
7. Calypso Blu
8. My Girl
9. Tap Time (feat. Andrew Nemr)
10. Peaches
11. Filthy McFunky
12. Bozo
13. Follow the Sun

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