Three brand new LINES!!

Andrew Nemr

We're announcing a ton of new product just in time for the gifting season. Custom merch exclusive to Andrew's Shop. Here's a sneak peek of three new lines: STRIPES, PLAYTIME, and EMPATH.

STRIPES - A line dedicated to the experiences we walk through, what we learn, and what we earn. Earn Your Stripes. Designed by Andrew.

PLAYTIME has always been about the joy that comes from playing, and the time we spend enjoying our lives. Now with a new design in collaboration with David Chang Studio and Little Fury.

EMPATH - The one who leads with their heart, wide open to the world, highly sensitive to their surrounding and relationships. This one is for you. Designed by Andrew (an empath himself!).

All the lines will be on sale in mid-November, just in time for the gifting season. They'll all feature custom Bella Canvas t-shirt's with multiple designs and multiple colors to choose from. We're really excited about this and hope you'll dig the new lines!

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