PLAYTIME Collaboration!

Andrew Nemr

Back in 2017, I wrote this little handbook about Rhythm Theory for Tap Dancers. I was thinking about the relationship between tap dancing and time. After hours of sitting with educational material to write the handbook I needed some balance. I needed to just put my shoes on and play. That is exactly how //PlayTime// was born.
A lot of people have enjoyed the play on words, and I even discovered that the “//“ - a favorite graphic symbol of mine - had a meaning in the music world, specifically in percussion notation.
After a few years and a bunch of t-shirts I had the opportunity to collaborate with my friend, Esther Mun a Principle Artistic Director at Little Fury, on a reworking of the brand. I jumped at it.
"Innovation or "magic" happens when you collaborate. Collaboration is when you overlap, or intersect different spheres of discipline. The meeting of different, unique minds with one goal, mission or project. When all entities are looking and running in the same direction towards the end goal, mission or project, the outcome is that much more satisfying and beautiful.
Esther Mun, Little Fury
Esther is a rockstar, and quickly brought the perfect collaborator onto the project, Calligraphy Artist, David Chang.
"When I discovered that the way David inks his words was a spirit led expression. It reminded me of dance moves. His movement of arms had pacing, and rhythms that can't be duplicated.”
Esther Mun, Little Fury
David’s work is simply wonderful, and he jumped right in reimagining the // PlayTime // visual language.
"When I am writing, I feel the text and then express it in a visual rhythm. This collaboration was a way to bring the natural overlap between expressive calligraphy and Andrew's unique tap dancing... it felt like a jam session when I was listening to his dance and responding with my writing.
I wanted to visually capture the energy and playfulness of Andrew's dance and how that can activate the space he is in.”
David Chang
When I finally received the new piece I was overjoyed! David created a beautiful interpretation of everything that the idea of //PlayTime// seeks to evoke. We've got an entire line of new merchandise featuring David's logo ready to go on sale mid November.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think!

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